Space Giraffe developer rants at Xbox Live Arcade players

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Jeff Minter takes a dump on Frogger and shouts at us for wanting "old, ***** arcade games"

Space Giraffe developer Jeff Minter has gone crazy on his blog, shouting all Xbox Live players want is "old, ***** arcade games".... read more

Space Giraffe developer rants at Xbox Live Arcade players

Postby User removed » 21 Nov 2007, 11:55

Jeff has right, Frogger is crap .. but he forget one thing !!! Space Giraffe is terribe ugly game ..

For me that is the reason why Frogger outsale Giraffe.

If Jeff give me Giraffe for free my answer is "No, thanks".
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Postby Teeps » 21 Nov 2007, 13:12

Please Please PLease give up trying to make games Jeff....theyve been shit since you started!
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Postby BlueTemplar » 21 Nov 2007, 14:35

Hey Jeff, why dont you make a whacky, zany remake of frogger with, ooh i dont know - llamas or sheep instead of frogs. You know, just like you did with Robotron/Llamatron and that one involving the camels.
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Postby The TiNkA » 21 Nov 2007, 17:52

Come on Jeff. Dont you realise that games like Frogger were awesome once upon a time, when crap games were all that we had. People like to remember what they played when they were kids, especially blokes like me around 30ish. It also makes us remember how cool some games are now. It's called retro and last time I checked, retro was cool.
Why dont you make Jumping Giraffe, where you have to hop across water buffalo and hippos in Africa to escape lions and crocs. When you reach the other side you could find a tall tree to eat from. Also giraffes haven't quite established the laws of rocket science to get into space. Sounds dull.
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Postby Lesbiana » 21 Nov 2007, 19:12

What right has Jeff Minter to comment on the crapness of old games? Is Minter responsible for creating a brand new intellectual property or genre? Did he make a GTA, or a Bioshock? NO!
He once made a game back in the old 8bit era with mutant camels and has spent the last 20 years remaking it. The thing is his games aint even fun. Boring same old sh*t. All he does is right rants in EDGE mag, and boast about his newest masterpiece/crapfest. OXM were right to give it a 3/10. Then the only good review he got was when... EDGE magazine reviewed his new space giraffes and gave it 8/10! The reviewer name wasnt listed! :wink: Did Minter review his own work and still couldnt bring himself to give it a 10?!

Last week the xbox live charts showed how badly his game is doing. I think even Paperboy was outselling it!

Minter. When you have a body of work to match Molyneux or Meier, or any other programmer whose name begins with M, then you have the right to talk, until then go and make Super Llamas in Space. I wont buy your crap.
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Postby Target Renegade » 21 Nov 2007, 21:20

He's quite the hypocrite that Minter. Space Giraffe is blatantly a remake of Tempest in garish kaleidoscope vision, and Tempest was pish in the first place. He's hanging on to past glories, which were undeserved in the first place.
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Postby dennett316 » 22 Nov 2007, 11:16

I've got to agree with everyone above, Minter has lost his mind. Try something new? It'd be nice if he did instead of making barely discernible remakes of Tempest.

Sorry Jeff, but Space Giraffe is terrible, thats why no-one bought the thing. Remember, we can try it for free, and it was garbage. You should consider yourself lucky it sold 1/10 of what Frogger has, at least you can see what you're doing in Frogger.'s not very good is it?
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Postby KesMonkey » 25 Nov 2007, 11:42

I have to agree with the comments posted here. Even though I paid for it, and am not short of space on my hard drive, I recently deleted Space Giraffe. Frogger is still in my collection though. For me, Frogger has a nostalgic value. Space Giraffe is like Tempest on acid. That is not a good thing.
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