Itagaki leaves Tecmo then sues them

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Ninja Gaiden's charismatic creator sueing for unpaid damages and apologises to game fans.

Tomonobu Itagaki, director of Ninja Gaiden, has announced he will be leaving Tecmo and will sue them for unpaid damages and making "disingenuous statements" about him.... read more

Itagaki leaves Tecmo then sues them

Postby User removed » 03 Jun 2008, 13:27

Man, he is so awesome.

"Leave or sue"


Awesome [:
User removed

Postby kain4489 » 03 Jun 2008, 23:20

no dont leave, your games are awesume and some of the ebst games ive played :D
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Postby Gmoney » 04 Jun 2008, 13:01

Dead or Alive 4?
Dead or Alive Extreme 2?
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Postby TheDragonRider » 07 Jun 2008, 21:15

does he still have that sexual harrasment suit hanging over him?
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Postby Shalashaska N » 09 Jun 2008, 10:35

Tecmo backed up Itagaki`s statement nd the woman was deemed of venting personal anger and frustration on Itagaki.
Both went down a step on the company ladder though.

Can`t be bothered to find the link, but it was something like that.
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