Chronicles of Riddick map pack out now

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If you have Riddick, like multiplayer and have 800 MP burning a hole in your pocket...

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Chronicles of Riddick map pack out now

Postby shinesevens » 21 May 2009, 17:49

Love the SP in this game but the MP sucks.

Also could someone explain how they managed to get the map-pack out so close to the game's release?

Two things stink of cash-in with XBL content. Unlocks for content on the disc and stuff released soon after the game is released.
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Postby Jensonjet » 22 May 2009, 11:20


And that's exactly why I won't purchase any DLC. I may be missing out by doing this, but if I'm one less person playing a DLC map, hopefully fewer people will end up purchasing them, and then the developers will have to rethink how they approach this. Hopefully the conclusion will be that map packs are either become much value for money or, at best, free. The only acceptable charge would be for a whole chapter in a single player game (or perhaps 20 maps!).

I'm surprised the Riddick game has any downloadable maps so early though. Can we assume that from the time the game was finished, up to now, is how long it takes for this amount of maps to be developed? Nah. I think they were held back for a bit of extra profit.
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Postby The DeadBoy » 22 May 2009, 14:47

just another example of the games industry ripping off its customers and loyal fanbase. these should of been in the release you shady bastards.
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