World at War's Map Pack 3 out this Thursday

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The next round of multiplayer and Nazi Zombie maps hits this week.

Map Pack 3 will be released this Thursday for Call of Duty: World at War.... read more

World at War's Map Pack 3 out this Thursday

Postby lollinate » 04 Aug 2009, 13:02

i got map pack 1 and 2 but after trading the game in wont be getting map pack 3. personally apart from banzai and shi no numa i thought the rest of the maps in both packs were dissapointing and not worth the points. also this is game is extremely boring online and cod4 is a lot more fun.
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Postby a211andrew » 04 Aug 2009, 13:20

Im getting it but only for the nazi zombie map. I'll probbly only play the multiplayer maps if there is double xp on thursday so i can try and get to level 65.
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Postby Coolicle121 » 04 Aug 2009, 14:41

Im not really gonna buy map pack 3 but all i know is that my friend is gonna keep on nagging me till i get it :(
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Postby quicksilver73 » 04 Aug 2009, 15:18

hardly play map pack 2 so probably wont bother getting pack 3.

On slightly different note though, I play WaW in a party with friends every week and some of my mates are convinced that there are people out there cheating on the multiplayer all the time e.g. less recoil, abily to see through walls !!!!. etc..

I on the other hand prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and just think that they are better than we are. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the issue. is it common, how do you cheat? what sort of cheats are there etc.etc..
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last part

Postby y.casper » 04 Aug 2009, 16:20

Ok ok ok
Im lookieng foward to map pack 3 who isn't but seriously you didn't like map pack 2 oxm?
Shi no numa was clearly better then verrukt by far and hopefully der riese is as good as it looks in trailers and will surpass it
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Postby AzzyCLB » 05 Aug 2009, 00:18

Why cant the zombies maps be released separtely, i played shi no numa loads and played a couple of games on the new maps and thought they were a loada sh*te, so never played them again.
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