Rock Band Metal Track Pack available as disc

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The standalone disc will go on sale on October 13th.

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Rock Band Metal Track Pack available as disc

Postby 05rutterb » 13 Aug 2009, 17:31

What? Nobody can play evile - thrasher!
I suppose its not as hard as TTFAF, but's so fast!
Some pretty sweet songs in that list.
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Postby thehumanmanUK » 13 Aug 2009, 20:09

Damn I was hoping for all new tracks :( I already have most of these...
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Postby Discaimer II » 14 Aug 2009, 10:08

No Megadeth?
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Postby AK47-Mentalman » 14 Aug 2009, 10:59

Ah gota love at bit of Bullet ;)
Waking the demon is one of my fav songs.. shame ive got world tour instead
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