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Who would like to get some free Avatar Gear in every Isssue

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Free Avatar Gear

Postby BlackHawkDown » 24 Aug 2009, 18:55

I loved opening OXM every month and getting my free Gamer pics etc.., but know with the introduction on Avatar Gear and the new Avatar Marketplace i would love to see OXM throw in some free clothes or props every month. What do you think ?
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Postby cake slap » 25 Aug 2009, 22:08

not going to happen, dont bother arguing
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Postby iDraqs » 29 Aug 2009, 13:08

Hey Hey.
Don't give this idea a rest.
I think it's perfect, sure, we don't big major gear but an oxm hat or shirt would make my day. Just a little extra :) Maybe add the famous OXM Boxers :P but yeah, this sounds like it could work :) Make it happen, Ben ;)
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Postby antoniomatthews » 08 Sep 2009, 17:00

I really love to get the avatar gear with some extra costIf it is free it also "ok" :oops: to me
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Postby DeltaJuggalo » 11 Sep 2009, 21:15

in all honesty i detest the avatar and i would not buy gear for something i didn't want in the first place. But free gear fine by me but my avatar hasn't changed since day one and it never will...until i can customize him with the tattoos i have
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Postby havoc of smeg » 03 Oct 2009, 15:46

personally i would say a big yes, especially as we havnt been getting that much of anything lately.
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Postby Simisan » 18 Jul 2010, 01:47

I'd like this for sure, and it would probably boost mag sales too.
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Postby Tiamtu » 18 Jul 2010, 06:16

My avatar looks like Psycho Mantis, and that's the way it is staying. Unless OXM can make it so my avatar moves my controller by telekenesis, then who the Hell cares about avatar gear!?

Seems somewhat reckless to me, anyway.
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Postby james3096 » 07 Aug 2010, 10:53

i think its a good but not in every issue just in some
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