Ninja Gaiden 2 is Xbox 360's toughest game

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Harder than Trials HD, Earth Defence Force, Call of Duty...

Ninja Gaiden 2 is the toughest game on Xbox 360.... read more

Ninja Gaiden 2 is Xbox 360's toughest game

Postby Maverick_McCool » 14 Jan 2010, 17:48

Dunno wether this counts as the hardest , but definatly the most frustrating game for me was Bionic Commando (the new one) I actually threw a glass at the wall in anger during the course of this game and now my joypad gets scared when I grip it too hard and shuts off. Like I said dunno if it counts as the hardest as I completed it in about 7 hours (scream-filled agonising hours) and I've played harder games Ninja gaiden 2 probably counts as one as it goes , but like I said most frustrating Bionic Commando defo!
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Postby Mentazm » 14 Jan 2010, 18:04

I could have told you that at launch. Threw a controller, bounced off table, big crack spiderweb on 32" Samsung. Thank god for insurance and the 'hit it with the wiimote' excuse :lol:

TBH I go through at least a controller every month tho, normally smash them off my table. Just got a new PS3 controller at xmas and it's already taped up after a few too many losses at MW2 :lol:
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Postby the shinobi » 14 Jan 2010, 18:12

Even on easy i found NG2 solid. i got to the end boss only to try defeating all 3 incarnations w/o a health pack. after many attempts i had enuf and frantically grabbed disk out of tray and snapped it in 2. had great pleasure out of doing so. never playing another ninja gaiden game again, its not worth my sanity lol
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Postby Windowlicker79 » 14 Jan 2010, 19:14

Earth Defence Force 2017 is cripplingly hard towards the end. 'Easy' and 'medium' are more than achievable, 'hard' is getting pretty tough. Then there is 'hardest' in which you die under a torrent of giant ant sputum in seconds. Then, unbelievably, there is a difficulty setting harder than 'hardest'!! I'm pretty sure its actually impossible to finish. Although it may be easier once you've got all the weapons upgrades from completing it on hardest.
Great game though! :D

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Postby comabob » 15 Jan 2010, 04:25

I dont know why Ninja Gaiden 2 is considered so hard - i finished it on a few different difficulties without too much trouble - there were the occasional tough sections - but most of which were handled pretty easily with the old "Flying Swallow-Technique" (Jump an Y attack)

These days i ALWAYS start on Hard or the next one up from Normal is theres an extra Uber Hard difficulty - not cause i like a challenge - but if i played every game on Normal straight away - id finish them too quickly - the main gripe i have with games this gen is the majority of them dont last more then 5-8 hours (or less; MW2 for eg) which is bullshit considering the technology available...

Hard games?

The only one that springs to mind is Bionic Commando (as mentioned) its the only game i played recently that i couldnt bear to finish - i think i was on the last level and gave up and sent it back to Lovefilm!

Honorable Mention for The Sabatuer on "Fecking Hard" - ridiculously tough to keep disguised for more then a few minutes but worth it for the satisfaction that comes from destroying a german outpost of Armoured Vehicles, AA Guns, Sniper Towers and Fuel Stations without being spotted.
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Postby Maverick_McCool » 15 Jan 2010, 12:39

Definatly think some people find games harder than others , the amount of people I speak to who found Prototype really difficult to play and I found it a breeze , I blitzed through it on hard and absolutly loved it whereas I have a pal who loved Overlord and for the life of me I couldn't get my head around it , couldn't get the little guys to do anything I wanted another hour spent screaming at the TV and off to the pub. I think the major issue in games (for me) is the controls when it comes to difficulty I guess is what i'm trying to say.
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Postby pop and fresh » 15 Jan 2010, 15:24

not sure about the hardest game, but thats props cos my mind is being destroyed by the hardest challange ive come across in a while. Trials HD the ultimate marathon, i dont think i will ever get that achievement.
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Postby Billinghayfish » 17 Jan 2010, 22:02

I think Ninja Gaiden 2 is slightly hard.

But I nearly got past the second level :D
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